Here are just a few of the services we provide our clients.

Within each one of these general categories there are a myriad of additional services.





General Contracting:

  • As a General Contractor, we start with your complete set of construction documents. After a comprehensive, competitive bidding process, we provide you with a lump sum price. From that point standard scheduling and construction practices take over until the project is complete and you are satisfied.

Construction Manager:

  • The role of Construction Manager is where we really have a chance to shine and provide you with the full benefit of our services. With the “team” approach between you, the owner, the architects, the engineers, and our staff, we help to create a project that fits your budget and meets your needs.
  • The process starts with nothing more than a concept of your building goals. From there we work closely with the design team creating and refining both pricing and plans until the final design and budget are complete.
  • From that point, we secure subcontractor pricing using contractors that are best suited to complete the job. Then the team is assembled, schedules are created, and the construction process begins. This all culminates in the final product that successfully realizes your goals!