If you are considering engaging G&S, Inc., I can testify as to their expertise based upon a decade of experience with the company.

The company understands the operational concerns of an owner and is very good with communications, prioritization, planning, estimates, and execution.  They do so with the highest of efficiency and excellence. They have a great staff and group of subcontractors that are result oriented and problem solvers.

A unique feature about the company has to do with its breadth of experience with building different types of buildings and tenant improvement packages.  This allows them to be flexible and able to make good decisions.  Should you be considering doing business with G&S, Inc., I can say that I have a very high regard for their honesty, skills, and ability to deliver.

Russ Daub – Midlands Place Investments, LP


We have been doing business with Steve Gosch and his team since 2003. G & S Construction has worked on two building projects for us.  They built our original dealership which was completed in 2004, and they did a 3500 sq. ft. addition with an additional acre or property in 2013.

I have always found Steve and his team to be very personable and hands on.  I was kept informed during the construction phase of both projects, and each came in on schedule and on budget.  Steve went so far as to personally stop by and review each billing statement with me.

The thing that has always impressed me about Steve and G & S is the transparency in doing business.  Each and every billing statement was well organized with detail and invoices attached.

I believe in doing business with local companies. I would highly recommend G & S for any building project.  Their professionalism is unsurpassed, and the hands on approach from the owner and staff give you a sense of confidence that any issues that may arise will be dealt with. A great company all the way around!

Dan Gorges – Gorges Volvo


Our firm has been working as a framing, drywall, EIFS, and acoustical contractor with G&S, Inc. for over 10 years now and they are a quality organization and one of our favorite contractors to work with. Beyond the quality of projects we get to work on, is the quality of people that we get to deal with. From top to bottom at G&S Inc. you know that you are working with people that you can trust. There is a very large sense of team between the contractor and all of the subcontractors that are working on the projects. There are many other contractors who throw around terms like partners and team as buzzwords, but at G&S they foster an environment where it is a culture on their projects and not just a buzzword. Subcontractors want to work with G&S.

One other thing that I see from their organization is their commitment to budgets and timelines. From a subcontractors perspective it is very easy to tell the contractors who are trying to get everything that they can out of a situation, and those who have the client’s interest in mind. G&S is tops on any of the clients we work for who have their client’s budget in mind. They strive to find ways to value engineer a project, come up with different systems / materials in order to get the job on budget. Not only get the project on budget, but also to minimize the compromise to the intended design. With regards to schedule, it is a very rare situation when a G&S project falls behind. If a project does fall behind, it is always because of a situation out of their control. We have found that G&S and their construction team will work as hard as possible to get the project back on schedule.

One of the true measures of my confidence in their organization is when we recommend contractors to people who ask our opinion. There is a very wide range of size and scope that G&S can handle as a contractor, so it seems that every time a business owner calls us for recommendations on a general contractor to use, we are always using their name. It speaks to just how adaptive they are to whatever situation is being thrown at them. Retail, Medical, Offices, Churches, Tenant Finishes, Apartments, you name it they can handle it.

Brandon Hegge
President – PML Construction Inc.